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Tracker, a Finnish company, specializes in developing, manufacturing and marketing of GPS receivers for animals, especially hunting dogs, and outdoor consumer applications for mobile phones.

Tracker is a complete communication system for hunters and outdoor enthusiasts, consisting of a dog tracking collar, a tracking app and the Tracker Live™ cloud service providing reliable real-time positioning of the dogs and your hunting friends in the area displayed on high-quality topographic maps, satellite images or compass. The system also has great functions for group communication enhancing the social dimensions of the hunting experience.

Founded in 1977 and headquartered in Finland, Tracker products are sold by a vast network of partners and distributors, primarily in Europe. The spirit of innovation and product development has made Tracker one of the pioneers in the industry, something which is proven by the many patents submitted and granted.



Retkitukku is a fast-growing product developer and online retailer of hunting clothing and equipment, canine nutrition and other outdoor sporting and leisure equipment.

Retkitukku was established in 2011 by the Koskelo family in Finland with the ambition to develop a cutting-edge set of hunting outerwear, unrivalled in the marketplace. Since then, innovation and development of proprietary brands has been at the very center of operations. As a retailer, the company has expanded into several online domains, covering most of the Nordics with Retkitukku.fi, Nettojakt.no and Koiravaruste.fi.

The Retkitukku portfolio of proprietary brands consists of: Alaska Elk 1795 (hunting clothes), Burrel (hunting electronics) and Valio (canine nutrition). The vast retail assortment of Retkitukku is also complemented with high quality external brands. Retkitukku’s proprietary brands are sold through its own retail outlets but also via external resellers, including a number of nationwide Finnish retail channels.



Widforss is one of the most well-known brands within hunting and outdoor life in Sweden. Since 1729 Widforss AB has been a supplier to generations of knowledgeable and demanding hunters.

The operations initially consisted of spice and gunpowder trading, however the business developed during the 19th century to also include arms, accessories and clothing.

Few brands can demonstrate the longevity of Widforss, a success fully contributed to high quality products, customer service and the capability to develop over time, fueled by the ambition to always be one step ahead of the competition.

Today, Widforss has evolved into an online shopping experience with the vision to offer the best possible assortment at attractive prices with swift and free delivery, for hunting and outdoor enthusiasts in the Nordic market.

The online retail platform Widforss.se and the physical Widforss Steninge store co-operate in some areas but are set up, and managed, as two separate companies.


Chevalier joins Open Air Group

Stockholm 2019-05-24

Open Air Group was formed in 2016 with the goal of becoming the Nordic market leader in the development and sale of products for hunting, dogs and outdoors. The group today stands behind brands such as Tracker, Alaska 1795 and Burrel, as well as Widforss.se and Retkitukku.fi. Now, the well known brand Chevalier is becoming part of Open Air Group.

“Chevalier is a great company and a brand that stands for high quality, with a strong position in the Nordic region. With their long experience from the development of hunting clothes, there is unique knowledge within the company and a strength in the brand that we will develop further” says Camilo Sjödin, CEO of Open Air Group.

Chevalier has developed hunting clothes since 1950 and today has a range that caters to both the classic and the modern hunter. Chevalier will continue to operate as a stand-alone company, but with the opportunity to benefit from the expertise and structure that exists within Open Air Group.

“It is very exciting that we are now joining Open Air Group. We will be part of a group of companies with a clear focus in hunting. This will make us stronger in the short- and long-term. We continue to be one of the hunting trade’s best clothing brand and we will keep our distribution through our customer network and wholesellers in 30 countries. 

 We are convinced that Open Air Group can contribute with power and energy to Chevalier and ensure that we are also relevant for both experienced and new hunters in the future” says Niklas Nilsson, CEO of Chevalier.

 As a result of the merger, Chevalier's current owner Mellby Gård will become a new shareholder in Open Air Group.

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